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GRE Scores for GMU Engineering (Volgenau)


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Hello all, I had a question about GRE scores.


I just recently decided to apply to grad school. I figured that I would just wait until the Spring 2015 semester; but by a stroke of luck, the only school in my area that has the program I am looking for has a pretty lenient application policy (will accept them up until July 15th but doesn't guarantee a decision to start in the fall). This was too lucky to pass up so I decided to scramble to get everything squared away including the GRE.


The program I am applying for is the MS, Data Analytics Engineering. I assumed that pretty darn high GRE Quant scores would be needed so I broke out the books (I pretty much forgot all the geometry and wanted general tips). 


However, after going online and trying to find out what the average GRE scores were for Volgenau at GMU, I only found two sources of info (the school doesn't publish average GRE scores). Both sources had the average Quant scores at 155ish. This seems incredibly low for an engineering school. 


Are these sources completely wrong? Or is the average score just low because overall, Volgenau isn't very highly ranked?



I ask because I have a Q160 right now previous to any studying. (which according to what I found is above average). So does anyone have experience or insight on this? I'm lost and would really appreciate it.



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Mid-150s sounds about right to me. I had a cousin who was accepted to Mason (though for a CS related masters) with a Q score in the low 150s. I remember him worrying a lot about his GRE score, but in the end he ended up getting in everywhere he applied. I would just do as best as you can and not sweat it too much -- as you mentioned, Volgenau is not particularly competitive.

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Thank you so much for your reply! It's good to hear from someone who knows about GMU specifically. 


I feel a lot better about the whole thing now, since the GRE was the one aspect of applying that I didn't really prepare for (I usually am not the best with standardized tests).


Thanks again!

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