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Universities with Decent Book Arts Programs?


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I've been doing a little research about printmaking programs that also have decent book arts programs or a press associated with the school and I've got a couple, but I was wondering if there are some other schools that I'm just missing out on.


Any ideas? I really want a school that has a developed printmaking program.


UT knoxville


Alabama (a very intense program)


UGA ( went there for undergrad)

Oregon College of art and Craft



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I'm definitely thinking about them. I'm a little hesitant about the program though because... it's cold there! I'm from the south I like it warm. That's not my biggest worry though I went Southern Graphics Convention there in 2013 and didn't really like the facilites. In general I wasn't too impressed but really what kind of impression can i get of place if there thousands of people running around the campus? So maybe. It's definitely worth a look.

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I heard UC Santa Barbara was not so great, honestly. I knew someone who visited who realized it's a huge party school. She ended up at University of the Arts and was really happy. 

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The University of Utah in Salt Lake City is good for this. They have the largest collection of type west of the missisippi, and presses for every printmaking process. I went there for my undergrad.


They're not particularly known for giving out funding, but they do help with it by having you teach to pay.

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