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GRE 322 (Quant-170, Verbal - 152) a good score?


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Hello Guys! Hope you all are doing. I just wanted to know if this a good score to get into Top 20 US universities, preferably for PHD in management. Please Reply what are my chances in getting into these Universities.


My Profile:

GRE- 322(Q-170,V-152)

Acads - 7.31/10 (B. Technology - IIT Delhi) and Masters in management - an International B school) - 3.6/4.0

TOEFL-Yet to give


One year of research experience (in engineering!) and various management international projects... though not any paper! 

Loads of Extra-curricular activities....


P.S-I'm in great predicament and need some help,genuine guidance will be appreciated.

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Your quantitative reasoning is perfect. Since you are applying to management courses, I would try and up my game when it comes to verbal reasoning so as to keep myself competitive for funding -- not to say you would not get in with admit recommendations but I sense professors might hold back on funding especially when you are applying to PhD programs.

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Hey thanks buddy! :)

I agree that I am gonna have to take some hit due to verbal reasoning. If I could ask, could you elaborate on what do you mean by "try and up my game"? Do you mean to retake GRE or perform good in TOEFL? 


Thanks for the advice !

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