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GRE and UoToronto (Munk)?


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Hey everyone,


Freshly panicking grad student-to-be here. I'm applying for a number of programs globally but my top choice is the Master's of Global Affairs (MGA) at the Munk School at University of Toronto. It is also the only program that I need to write the GRE for, and according to their admissions officer, the minimum requirements are 150 in both Q & V, with a 4.0 in analytical writing.


My problem is now scoring well on the GRE and my chances at Munk. My application portfolio is strong, and when my GPA here is converted to the UoT scale I have like a 3.75 to 3.8 CGPA (maybe even higher). I have a great writing sample, a good transcript, strong recommendation letters, and the like. I'm worried about how negatively the GRE scores will affect my application.


So far, after a month of continuous studying, my PowerPrep scores have always been Q 150-152 and V 160-163. Math is not my forte - writing and reading are - but I want to get at least V 163-165 and Q 155+. I have tried everything: I'm taking classes, I have got the Manhattan's 8 books + 5lb, Cracking the GRE, Kaplan, Princeton, Gruber, ETS...I do between 60 to 100 math questions a day for practice, take regular practice tests, and go over my errors. Despite all this, my scores NEVER increase. I'm so frustrated that I've pretty much resigned myself to getting a similar score on the actual GRE. The program has a bit of economics so I'd expect they want a good-ish score for quant, if not excellent.


What do I do? I'm at my wits' end. Do I take the GRE, get these scores, and apply anyway? What can I do NOW to try and get my scores up at least a bit? I'm taking the GRE on the 24th of July and I know I have some time, but honestly if my scores are that bad after a month of hardcore practice and training I'm pretty despondent about the final score.


Cheers, and good luck!

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I think you should be ok with 152 in quantitative reasoning. It is not a selling point, but it does not disqualify you.

It will also depend on your statement of intent and your GPA. The backgrounds of the MGA candidates are quite diverse and what matter is what you expect to learn at Munk School. So I advise you to polish your statement of intent. If your specific interests in international affairs are backed by your academic strengths, a score between 150-152 in Q. should not really hold you back. Moreover, you seem to have a strong GPA and Verbal score. 


Good luck to join us in the program. 

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Hey Pax! Thanks so much for the reassuring advice. I will be sure to submit the best statements I can :) Luckily my interests do reflect on my academic record, so your words are truly soothing! Hope your time at Munk is going well, and thanks so much again!

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