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Could mol bio research help my application?


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Hi everyone!


I was just wondering if a two-month (full time) summer research in RNA biology could strengthen/distinguish/hinder my application to PhD programs this fall? I am a little worried because it is not directly related to chemistry and my research experience is limited. I have done one semester organic synthesis and may work with another professor during my senior year (the incoming fall + spring semester).


I'm mostly interested in organic chemistry/chemical biology.


Thank you for your opinions!

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My advisor told me: good science is good science. Take research experiences as they come, especially in molecular biology if you're serious about chemical bio. Regardless of the content, you're developing a research mentality and building confidence at a lab bench. From my personal experience, my biology research (a full-time summer position like yours) was confirmation that I was in fact serious about traditional organic synth. It can definitely help your application. That being said you definitely seek out a couple more semesters of chemistry heavy research, it can only make you a stronger candidate! 

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