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Help to choose where to apply for IR

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I am currently a 2nd year student at SOAS, University of London studying for a Bachelors in International Relations and looking to find some good schools where I could continue to study IR or International Affairs. 


My studies at SOAS have largely focussed on Africa and the Middle East although I do have some background in European IR studies as well. 


I am currently on track to receive a first-class honours with around 80% (perhaps slightly higher). I am fluent in English, French, Spanish, and am passable in Portuguese. 


I would probably like to stay in Europe for my postgraduate work unless I could get into a top US or Canadian school which would probably be pretty expensive in any case. So far, in my research, I have become familiar with IHEID, College of Europe, LSE, Sciences Po, and perhaps CEU, as being some top schools for postgrad study.


Are these possibilities? And, are there other schools I should be looking at?


(Also, if this is in the wrong place, I apologize, this is my first post)


Thanks for any help and advice!!

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Also, anyone have any info regarding the European Institute of High International Studies (IEHEI). I have heard little about it and their masters programs look very interesting.

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I'm looking into that program too! I studied for a semester in Cannes, France. That area of France is very beautiful! Plus, Nice has a nice airport so it's easy to travel there too. I know that doesn't help much in terms of the school, but that's something to consider! 

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