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Anyone studied using Gruber's 2014/15?


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Hey everyone, I'm going to give the GRE on the 25th of July (computer-based), and I'm aiming at a Q155+/V162-166 score. My weak point is the quant section; I haven't touched math for years and I'm just generally terrible at it. I have been studying/practicing for a month now and my PowerPrep II scores are Q151/V161.


I think one reason for the low quant score would be my nervousness and a blocked mind, but recently I've started losing faith in ever achieving a 155+ (my program needs at least 150+ on Q and V, and the rest of my application is strong). I attend classes, where I get material from a really wide range of books.


I have the Manhattan's 5lb Book and the 8 separate books since I heard those were excellent practice...on the 5lb Math diagnostic test I took today, I have a 14 on 20, which is allegedly a 155-157. Does anyone else know how accurate this test is?


I also have the ETS and McGraw-Hill books, and the Kaplan computer tests. I did a few quant Kaplan tests and got a miserable score (141-145), but I think a couple of you say that the Kaplan tests are much more difficult that ETS. How far is that true?


I also have Gruber's Guide to the GRE 2015, and when I did a quant test on that I got a 162. Now I KNOW there is no way in hell I could have achieved a 162, or even above 155, at this point. I am not math-oriented, I am overly stressed and nervous, and I am all-around pathetic with math. Has anyone else tried Gruber's? How easy/difficult is it, and how close to the actual GRE is it? I don't want to be elated now and sorely disappointed later.


Also, if anyone could recommend a good verbal practice series/book besides Magoosh, I'd be terribly thankful :)

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