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Bayesian research groups?

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Stanford and Berkeley are not schools that one would typically associate with Bayesian inference. Departments that do have strong Bayesian research groups include CMU, UW and those part of the NC Research Triangle (look up SAMSI).

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Thanks for correcting me. Ok, so,


- UW


Are there any other approachable schools (lower-ranked is better) you know about doing decent work in this area?

(I'd mentioned Berkeley because of Michael I. Jordan. Stanford was an error).


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Since you come from a machine learning background and are already familiar with some Bayesian methodology, I would encourage you to apply to a few of the "top" Bayesian programs (i.e., the ones in my previous post). Harvard also has strengths in this area. A strong statement of purpose outlining your work in ML and your interests in Bayesian methodology might just get you admitted to a good program.

As for locating Bayesian research groups, my advice would be to navigate over to the ISBA website and take a look the list of award recipients, members and listed journals. See who's publishing in the major Bayesian journals and what universities they're affiliated with.

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