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LSAT scores for HKS


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I was wondering if anyone on here has experience/knowledge of the HKS joint JD/MPP program, and specifically the possibility of applying with LSAT scores. 


I am entering HLS this fall, and we can apply for the joint degree while in our first year. JD/MPP applicants at harvard can submit their LSAT scores instead of GRE/GMAT scores. 


Of course I would prefer not to take more tests/spend more time and money prepping if possible ( :) ) But I am also nervous because I was on the very low end for HLS LSAT scores (166, which is pretty well under their 25% of 170; 166 is 93rd percentile). I'm trying to figure out if it would behoove me to take the GRE in hopes that I would get a proportionately better score (not only in terms of admissions, but also in terms of potential funding). 


I've read a few places that scores are less important at HKS, but I also want my application to be as strong as possible, of course. In terms of the other components of my application, my UG GPA is 3.90. I'm only 1 year out of UG, but when I spoke to law school admissions officers while applying they all commented that my résumé was very strong (and I'm assuming that work experience -- including internships/extracurriculars -- must have helped me, just because my LSAT was so much on the lower end). 


Thanks so much for your thoughts !

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