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MS in CS for non CS undergrad with 2+years of Programming experience


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Hello friends

I've done my under graduation in EEE(Electrical and Electronic s Engineering) from a reputed college in India- SRM University with a CGPA of 7.01

GRE-308(Q:163 V:145 AW:3), Toefl- 103

Currently I'm working as a software developer in one of the major IT firms in India- Wipro Technologies. Will be having 2+ years of experience by Fall 2015.

Apart from decent amount of Math(discrete math1,2, calculus) and an introductory programming course on C,C++ ,knowledge on simulation softwares like MatLab and PSpice, I have nothing much related to core CS courses(Ds,OS etc) in my under graduation. Even though EEE is somewhat interrelated to the hardware aspect of CS, the most important thing that I'm counting on to get an admit is my experience in the field of IT, correct me if I'm wrong.

Now based on the above, my question is as I'm from a non CS background do I need to take any prerequisite courses?? or can I waive them with my work experience.

One more question is I also have 4 to 5 certificates from Coursera, Edx, Udacity.Can I mention them in my SOP??Will they be useful since I'm from a non CS backdround.

Please shed some light on the above queries.

Thanks in advance

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