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Master's degree in CSML at UCL, UK.

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Hi, all.

I have been admitted to the MSc in Computational Statistics and Machine Learning provided by University College Londone (UCL), UK.

I'm wondering about the duration of the programme. When I was applying, I thought the duration of the programme was two years, as usual, but after looking through the pages of the web site (http://www.cs.ucl.ac.uk/teaching/msccsml/programme.html) I found out that the programme consists of three terms which add up to a "single" year. Moreover, the third term which seems to last only two or three months is for the master's thesis.

Is it common in UK to do the master's degree in a single year? Will there be any kind of disadvantage compared to doing the master's degree in two years? or will there be any advantage?

I hope to get some kind answers from you guys soon, since I gotta confirm my admittance in a bit hurry.

Thank you, in advance, for you answers.


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Hi There,

I am also taking the course, starting in September 2009.

My name's Jake, please get in touch with me at jacobayres@hotmail.com, it would be good to talk to another person on the course before it starts and perhaps help each other with pre-reading etc as I believe the course is likely to be tough.

By the way, it is quite normal for Masters degrees to run for one year in the UK, particularly one's which are very 'academic'. The 2 year courses tend to either be more practical in nature or run part-time. That is, to the best of my knowledge - which is not great on this subject!

Please reply to my email address above? What is your background? Why are you taking this course?



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