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Average GRE score. Journalism Masters


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I gave the GRE in October 2013. I got a 154 in Verbal and 168 in Quant which makes the total score as 322. I scored 4 in the AWA section. I wasn't particularly happy with any of these scores. I did my Bachelors of Engineering in Information Technology and worked as an Engineer for 2.5 years. I wish to do a Masters in Journalism that's more so on the Art and Culture side (food and travel included). I have a blog that's followed by a lot of people and has had some good hits in the past two years where I have written about a whole lot of subjects like women issues, travel, the Middle East, world news, personal commentaries etc. I have also done virtual writing or journalism internships with many organisations based in the US. I have had my articles published at many places online as well. I am not someone who is deeply interested in politics or current affairs. As already mentioned, I am more into the journalism that involves Art and Culture and the humanitarian work. I really want to apply to Medill or NYU (esp the MA in Art, Culture and Criticism). Do you think that I have a chance of getting accepted or should I lower my aspirations a bit? I am based in India and I probably need some scholarship or funding as well. I am pretty confused about the colleges I should apply to. Can anybody help?

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Hello, fellow desi!


154 for Verbal is not good enough for a Journalism Masters. I definitely think you should give the GRE another try and try to get that section score up to at least a 160. Your portfolio sounds excellent, but with a low GRE score your application could quite possibly be eliminated in the early stages by the adcomm. 


Scholarships would depend on the universities you apply to. Some might give you merit-based scholarships, but for the most part you'd have to check out their list of scholarships and apply.


Good luck!

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