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Where should I apply? (MS program for Mat Sci & Engg)


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I am currently hunting for a Masters program in MSE specifically in the United States. Yes just Masters and I don't have any strong inclination to pursue a PhD. But the thing is I am only familiar with big name universities in the states and cannot tell if others are tier 1 or tier 2 or whatever. I need help in identifying universities wherein it is not ridiculous for me to apply to given my profile (see below). Can you suggest an MS MSE program? Thank you so much!   



Undergrad Institution: Liberal arts university in Southeast Asia
Major(s): BS in Chemistry and BS in Materials Science and Engineering (Double Degree - 5 years to complete)
GPA in Major: 3.2
Overall GPA: 2.994
Position in Class: 
Type of Student: International, male

GRE Scores (revised/old version):
Q: none yet
V: none yet
W: none yet

Research Experience: 2 years in undergrad (1 culminating senior thesis for BS in chem and another 1 thesis for BS in MSE), couple of months research assistantship on nanoparticles, 1 publication in ACS, 1 poster presentation in local conference, planning to submit 1 in local chem publication.  


Awards/Honors/Recognitions: government scholarship for science and engineering, dean's list?


Pertinent Activities or Jobs: RA

Any Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help: active in extra-curricular work, student leader

Special Bonus Points: can secure 3 LORs all from PhDs, double major, extensive research and instrumentation experience in materials science

Applying to Where: Not strictly looking for MS MSE. Can be macromolecular sci and engg, polymer sci and engg, nanoengineering, etc. 

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