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Monterey Institute Intl. Studies vs Brandeis Heller School


Monterey Institute Intl. Studies vs Brandeis Heller School  

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  1. 1. Monterey Institute Intl. Studies vs Brandeis Heller School

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Dear Grad Cafe Community, I have been accepted to the Monterey Institute of International Studies' MPA-International Mgmt. and the Brandeis Heller School's MA in Sustainable International Development. Both have offered me similar funding, but because of the way the Brandeis program is structured it would end up costing marginally less. I actually never thought I'd be in a position to choose between two programs that excite me, but now I'm really struggling to choose. I am particularly interested in international development work, focusing on a rights-based approach to development in underdeveloped/developing countries, but also want a degree that will be at least somewhat versatile; I might eventually want to return to and work back in the US. The aspects that are most important to me in coming to a decision are 1)Strength of program truly preparing me for the field, 2)Faculty attention (and quality) given to program students, 3)A warm, inclusive atmosphere that is intellectually stimulating without being uptight or pretentious (classmates that rock!), 4)Job prospects following graduation (I suppose this would include name recognition within the development/intl. affairs circle), and 5)Organization of school/program, which is linked to the aforementioned 2nd aspect.

I welcome feedback from all, but particularly hope to hear from people who have specific knowledge about one or both programs: strengths/weaknesses.

Thank you^^

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I work at an international development organization and I from what I have gathered, Monterey is a good program, but it doesn't seem to have the strongest reputation. I think Brandeis has more name recognition which can be important when looking for jobs overseas or with international organizations. If you haven't already done so, try and visit both campuses, since you mention that the atmosphere and fellow classmates are both important considerations. I've been to the Monterey campus and checked it out for grad school -- it is in a beautiful location. I've never been to Brandeis so I can't comment.

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