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Etiquette for Contacting PI?


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Okay, so I'll be starting in my grad program this August, but I've already chosen/been in contact with my PI (had a referral from my previous PI who's a friend of my new PI). The issue is that I haven't heard definitively from new PI regarding whether or not I would get to start early in the lab, and being anxious about communication over email with someone I barely know, I was wondering if anyone had advice about how to contact a new PI about starting research early.


My former PI's advice was generally to give him space and wait for him to contact me--problem is, how long to wait?


I last heard from new PI a month ago by email in response to some questions I sent him (he had asked if I had any) and told me to take time to enjoy the summer, making no mention of early research. However, about a month prior to that, he had said that I could probably get paid hourly for lab work if I wanted to start early. I interpret these as mixed messages, but it wouldn't be the first time for me to misread something like this.


Thanks for any advice!

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