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Master of Science on Aerospace or Mechanical Engineering


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Hi Everebody, let me introduce myself:


-Senior mechatronics engineer in Bahcesehir University,Turkey

-Have 3.4-3.5 GPA so far.

-Gonna graduate on January 2015

-Graduated Rutgers University-Applied Sciences in Engineering with 3.55 GPA(studied only senior year in Rutgers/First 3 years in Bahcesehir U./Special program between Rutgers&Bahcesehir)

-6 times honour list in Bahcesehir, 1 time high honour list 

-Deans list in Rutgers

-Graduated magna cum lauda in Rutgers

-Best demostration 1st place for senior design project from mechanical engineering department of Rutgers

-Summer internship in Mercedes-Benz Turkey-R&D Department

-Gonna do one more internship in either Germany or US.

-Have recommendations from 3 Rutgers Professors and 5 Bahcesehir Professors

-To sum up gonna have dual diploma from Bahcesehir with 3.5 GPA more or less and Rutgers University with 3.55 GPA.


How would you consider my chance on getting admission from schools which I will write down below:



-Michigan, Ann Arbor

-Georgia Tech


-Minnesota, Duluth

-Minnesota, Twin Cities


-UC Berkeley



P.S.: Please share your opinions without despising me even though my goals do not seem realistic.

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