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Will the questions on the real GRE be this deceptive?

Dustin DeWinn

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I am hopelessly bad at math, but am assiduously studying, doing the best I can. I hear Kaplan's isn't that great and now I'm seeing why.

Please tell me if a GRE question will be this deceptive. Someone already said it will, and I refuse to believe it until I have further confirmation.


I have 2 problems with this question.


First, the graph makes it really difficult to tell exactly where January is relative to 60. If it's SLIGHTLY over or under, that will change the answer. The second problem is that if it IS 60, that means it's not LESS than 60. 

To my eyes and the eyes of everyone I showed this to, we all came up with 7/12. According to the book it's 8/12. To complicate it it was fill in the blank. So I hope the real thing isn't going to have a Q like this. 

I thought the GRE was about testing math skills, not giving gotcha questions. 

Furthermore, there was a huge typo in an earlier sample problem that made it unsolvable and was only resolved by reading the solution which revealed the typo in the initial question.

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My experience agrees with bshrape's--all the important values are clearly over or under, never something like that January bar. 


However, these graph problems often show you a ton of irrelevant information (like those temperature curves) so that part is accurate at least.

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