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Anyone knows more detail info on UA's MIS? or NYU-POLY M.S in Computer Science?


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hat do you guys think of University of Arizona's Management information system master? I am currently living in California and major in Computer Science. Yet I dont like programming itself - it's boring to me. So I decided to apply MIS. UA's MIS is the nearest master program among all top 10 MIS US NEWS ranking.


But recently, I have heard some rumors saying that UA's MIS is not that much good as it appears. The major concern on me is if the location(TUSCON doesnt have any advantage over other high ranking citis) will negatively impact future job placemat?


I also get an Ad with $3000/semester scholarship from NYU-poly, which I am not sure if there are differneces with NYU MS in computer science. NYU-Poly CS's ranking is low, but people saying that sincce it emerged to NYU, it shares resources and has pretty much same reputation with NYU?? Maybe? Most importantly, comparing with TUCSON, NYU has much better location advantage for the future job placemat.


May someone can can tell me more about UA/TUSCON life?


I am appreciate your help!

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I can tell you a bit about NYU and NYU-Poly.  NYU is much stronger in theory related topics.  NYU's CS department is part of the Courant Institute.  My impression of Poly is that their program and students are more focused on programming.  Poly does share all of NYU's resources since it has become it's engineering school.  You can access all NYU facilities and use all of its services like every other NYU student.  Also, Poly students can take a number of courses at Courant that'll count towards their degree.  I don't remember how many, I think it's 3 courses.  Personally, I think Poly has a pretty good reputation with employers around here.  On the other hand, I've also heard a lot of bad things about Poly though even after the merger.


Just to put it out there since you mentioned information systems, you might be interested in it, NYU has a master's program in information systems.  It's a program between NYU Courant and NYU Stern, where you take half the required courses in each school.  Basically your curriculum is half cs courses and half business courses.

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