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Which class makes for a more rounded MPA student and individual?


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Hi all,


I'm about to wrap up my MPA and I only have two classes left to take. The first class will be the required capstone class. I have a choice between two classes for my second class. The first candidate is Urban Planning and Social Policy. The second candidate is Non Profit Management. Due to the course offerings and the classes I have already taken, I am stuck taking one of these two classes. The catch is I have little interest in either subject.


Upon consulting the syllabus, the Urban Planning and Social Policy class appears to be a study of welfare, poverty, and social justice (with little emphasis on land use or urban design, a topic which I do actually find interesting). The Non Profit class does not appeal to me either in that my focuses have been on local government and general public administration. Therefore, in your opinion, which class do you believe may prove more useful in my career or future endeavors? Do you have any experiences with such classes? I know this is inquiry a stretch but thought I'd reach out here.

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