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Are there any other preview programs like BOPs at UW-Madison?


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I went to a grad school fair a couple weeks ago and was roped into discussing programs at UW and was sort of luke-warm when the person I was talking to mentioned their Biosciences Opportunities Preview Program (BOPs). There's a selection process, so its competitive, but if you get invited then they fly you out for an all-expense paid weekend in Madison to see everything before you even apply. Really the only reason I haven't been interested in UW-Madison before is because I've never heard much about it and have never been to Wisconsin. So now interest in UW-Madison is piqued and I'm curious to know if there are similar programs at other schools?

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University of Michigan has a similar program. Here's their website: https://www.umms.med.umich.edu/pibspreview/start.htm Priority application deadline is August 8, 2014. Good luck!!!!!  :)


UC San Diego has also compiled a list of preview/recruitment weekends for graduate programs in biology: ihttps://students.ucsd.edu/academics/_organizations/aep/camp/recruitment-visitation.html

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