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Economics and the Middle East, my competitiveness


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I am a Norwegian student currently planning my future education, and in need of some advice from you guys. It is important
to acknowledge that most of my profile is a plan, and not yet completed, so while there is room for improvements and changes, unfortunate events is also a factor.

Desired Programs: Yale Jackson, SIPA, SAIS, Fletcher and HKS.


Age when applying: 27


Bsc in Business and Economics | BI Norwegian Business School | GPA: 3.2-3.5

    (Micro, Macro, Mathematics, Econometrics and Statistics)
Bsc in Middle Eastern Studies with Arabic | University of Oslo | GPA: 3.5+
   (Arabic, Cultural Studies, Political Science, Islam and exchange year abroad)


Arabic (professional proficiency),
Norwegian (native) 
Swedish (native)
English (Very good)


Not taken. With 4 years until applying, I will keep practicing. 

Work Experience: 
Internship at a Norwegian embassy in the Middle East.

Experience Abroad: 
5 months backpacking South East Asia.
Minimum 1 exchange Semester in Jordan/Egypt  (might add up to 3 semesters)
Internship in the Middle East


Statement of Purpose:
With 4 years to go, It does not feel necessary to spend time on this yet. I should focus on my GRE instead. 


Personal review: I suppose my strength is my Arabic, a language in high demand. Still, I also have quantitative subjects and economics. 
A weak spot is my low GPA in my Economics undergrad. However, I am currently starting my Bsc in ME, while completing my last in Economics, thus I can re-sit a couple of bad grades from my econ while finishing my last year of ME.

My working experience is low. With 4 years left before applying, I will have to get summer internships. 

At the time of applying I will have a decent amount of experience living abroad, from a rather hectic region. The internship at an embassy will be my last step before applying, hopefully providing me with a good LoR. My chances for getting this internship is good, based on my two Bsc and Arabic proficiency. 

So what are your comments on this? What should I improve, change, scratch or add?
I thank you for any advice or guidelines.

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go live in the MIdeast and do anything during your 4 year period. I recommend something outside of the Gulf.  If you want to emphasize your arabic skills, you will be working on and possibly in the Arab world - the more time you spend here the more expertise you gain.  I am in Sudan, was in Abu Dhabi before that for 3 years. The gulf is not really unusual, but people are shocked - inside and outside of Sudan - that I would come here.  I am confident that for grad school apps and for professional opportunities after graduation, Arabic and professional experience in the Mideast are really valuable


If you mean the 4 years is for your BSc program, then you have less flexibility to follow this kind of plan, but spend as much time as possible in the mideast.

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