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Where do I stand?


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Hey. I am having a hard time trying to shortlist the type of universities I have to apply, I am quite unsure if the ones I have in mind are too ambitious.

So here is my profile:

 I am currently working for "Bosch GmBH" having 2 years of experience in the field of software virtualization. I have worked on implementation of various automotive standards in a few products of Bosch.

 I have had 4 months of research experience, at a Central research Institute for Oceanography, where my work mainly delt with machine learning and big data analysis.

My final year project, which involved Machine Learning, Computer Vision and and Control Systems ( A semi autonomous Quadcopter) was selected as the most innovative project of the university.


Participated in a few robotics competition.

Currenly working on a robotics challenge on autonomous driving.


My GRE score is 316

TOEFL score: 110

Decent academics: was in the to 10 % of the class.

My subject of interest is Machine Learning.


I am lost, unsure on where I stand and and where I should apply.

A couple of universities where I might have a chance might be of great help, so that I can take a well informed decision.

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