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Travel Insurance in the UK

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Hey there! 


Just wondering what international students studying in the UK normally do for travel insurance in the UK. Did you get it from a UK company when you got there or did you do it in your home country before you left? I know we're covered by NHS while we're in the UK but I plan on taking multiple trips across Europe and would like to be covered for those. I found a couple of companies in the UK and they simply state that if you're a current resident and you have a UK National Insurance number you are eligible, I'm just not really sure that the number provided with my visa work permit is equivalent to a National Insurance number? 


Any advice or company recommendations are really appreciated.



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Hi, I am not in your exact same situation but I think I might be able to provide some help? I am a Canadian living in the US (not the UK) but I think some aspects of health insurance apply worldwide. But perhaps someone else closer to your situation can correct/extend this information.


When you leave Canada to study, you can't use Canadian insurance to cover you anymore. You might be able to get a travel plan from Canada but it will only cover you for very limited (usually 1 or 2 months) and all the time you spend outside of Canada (even if you are living in the UK) counts against it! In addition, travel insurance does not cover much so you can't really use it as your main insurance.


However, as you said, you will be covered by a UK health insurance plan while you are a student in the UK. Similarly, I am covered by a US health insurance plan while I am a student in the US. You should check into the details of this plan--most plans will cover travel too. When I was a Canadian student, my Canadian health insurance plan covers me when I travel away from Canada. Now, in the US, my US student health insurance plan covers me while I travel away from the US (coverage levels vary though). So, I would suspect your UK insurance will also cover you when you travel outside of the UK. But, you should definitely check that as soon as you can get the details of your new insurance plan. 

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NHS only covers international students while you're physically present in the UK, so you right that you will need travel insurance if you wish to be covered while traveling elsewhere in Europe.


Travel Nomads tends to be pretty reasonable and will cover you outside whatever you put as your country of residence.

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