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Manhattan practice test....please advice


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Guys, I just wrote one of the my manhattan practice tests, and, in a way, it has  being revealing. Am going to list out what I have noticed

· Firstly, AWA, I was able to complete the two essays- it makes me now believe that under timed conditions i would be able to write.

· Also, learning vocabulary is critical- that’s if the Manhattan test is close to actual test. I was able to recognise many of the vocabs use for TC and SE.

· On the downside, I didn’t do well, got 152 on both sections. Sentence equivalent seems to be my strong point got 7/8.

· But on the TC it was not a dearth in my vocab that was the problem, It was my inability to follow the sentence structure- this knock me out.

· My RCs was awful, i was scared of reading long passages under timed conditions, which was my folly.

· Then for the quantitative, I know I can do better on that, was able to solve more difficult questions. More practice is needed.


My questions are on RCs and Sentence structures. Please how can I improve in those areas.

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Most students like this website: www.magoosh.com


The lessons are really fun and easy to follow. They can also help you out with pivots and direct you to the type of sentence you're working with. That way, it'll be easier to detect the correct vocabulary choices.


Good luck! 

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