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Help evaluating my profile for a MSc


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I'm hoping to study some combination of tectonics, structure, and metamorphism for my masters. I really have no idea how competitive my application would be, but I'm interested in some top tier schools(Arizona, CU Boulder, Santa Barbara). I understand that fit and funding are huge parts of the equation, but how do I look on paper thus far?


Undergrad Institution: Large state school Major(s):


GPA in Major: 3.6

Overall GPA: 3.0(former wayward/uninspired business major)

Type of Student: Domestic/Male


GRE Scores

Q: 165

V: 158

W: 4.0


Research Experience: A year of research so far, Co-presenting at GSA this fall and I'm working toward a senior thesis. Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Deans List Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Starting work at the geologic survey this fall.

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Your GPA might be a problem for top schools (probably will be). Apply to a range. While you do have some research experience, it seems pretty typical of top applicants who will have higher GPAs than you. This is especially true if you want funding: some departments accept masters students who can fund themselves. At places like those I think you will be able to get in (like colorado school of mines).  


If you want to do a PhD eventually, consider looking at research fit and not school rank: I recently did my masters at a relatively undesirable location but had a good academic experience due to my advisor.

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