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MA Middle East Studies

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Hello Grad Cafe:


Grad school admissions information for Middle East Studies programs are proving really difficult to come by, I am planning on applying this January for Fall 2015.  My story is pretty different, which is making it even more difficult.  I graduated with a 2.8 gpa (anxiety issues that have now been resolved) from a top 50 university back in 2010 with a degree in political science and a fair amount of coursework in Middle East related classes.  I have been working at Harvard, where I will have taken 7 graduate classes (9 by end of spring) in Faculty of Arts and Science/Kennedy School related to the Middle East with a 3.5 GPA, including completion of Intermediate Arabic (4 semesters total) by the time I apply.  My old GRE expired so I will need to retake, but last time I got a 780 in Math, 650 in Verbal, and a 4.5 in writing (I know the test has changed a lot since then).  Programs that I am considering applying to include: Harvard, Chicago, Columbia, GW, Georgetown, Hopkins, NYU, Washington, and maybe George Mason.  Do we think these schools are out of the realm of possiblity?  Will I immediately be rejected due to low undergrad GPA?  Are admissions standards significantly relaxed for MA programs?  Thanks for all of your insight!

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