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Two Questions: Weaknesses and Prerequisites

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I have two different questions that I am hoping someone can offer some insight on...

I have my undergrad in CSD and am currently filling out applications for spring and summer admissions. Does anyone have any helpful advice for answering the question "What are your weaknesses"? I have responses to that outlined, but I am afraid that they will hurt my application. For example one of them is that my research skills aren't fully developed, but I am addressing this by utilizing my enthusiasm for learning and pursuing graduate school. I am just wondering if an answer like this will weaken my application, since research is necessary in graduate school.

My second question in that in order to meet ASHA requirements, you must have taken a Stats class and a physical science such as chemistry or physics. I didn't take any of those classes in my undergraduate career. I took a math class, but it wasn't stats. I also took a science class and lab, but it was biology which meets the life science requirement. Will this affect my admission, or is it possible to add these to my course load if accepted?

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For weaknesses, I would be honest and saying something that you do struggle with or are working on fixing and spin it in to a positive. Maybe your weakness is time management (which is HUGE in grad school), so you can say something about "but I'm working on fixing this by keeping an organized planner and writing down all assignments and giving myself an hourly schedule of things to get done" or whatever it is that would work to fix it.


As for requirements, if you've already graduated then technically you are "grandfathered" in so you should be fine. If you haven't, definitely meet with your academic advisor ASAP. Throughout the application process and acceptance I've had my transcript reviewed about 5 times by at least 3 different people. Somebody should catch anything that needs to be addressed. Don't hesitate to ask your advisors, or even if you're already out of school go ahead and email your programs and verify information with them.

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I think that's a great example for weaknesses. They want to know that you can acknowledge something that you aren't strong in but that you are willing to fix that and are possibly already working to fix that. Research is definitely not a strong point for many undergrads, so I feel that they would understand this and like that you want to have better research skills, especially since evidence-based practices are becoming more of a big deal. I just wouldn't do something like "I have horrible communication skills with people that annoy me." That just shows you don't value other's opinions and stuff, so that'd be a bad weakness, but the one you listed is good. As long as you twist it and write something positive like you're willing to learn more about X (like Autism, research, etc) in grad school and are trying to do something already (like reading research on that topic or want to do so in the program) then it's all good.


I'm not necessarily sure about being grandfathered in without those classes though. Maybe it depends on how long you've been out, but I know those who are coming in from other majors doing post-bacc have to take those classes. I'd ask your advisors and also contact the schools you're interested in and tell them your situation. As you know, these classes aren't just for the degree but required by ASHA. So any new people graduating with a Masters after like 2014 will need these, so I'm not sure if you can be grandfathered in when beginning a program past this point. I would contact the schools you are interested in and ask if they will let you take it during the program or the semester before the program starts and still be accepted. Some schools accept students that don't have all the pre-reqs with the notion that they take them the summer/semester before classes begin (a number of post-baccs that just need a few requirements do this then begin in the fall). It doesn't hurt to ask your potential schools, so I'd say go for it. :) Are you possibly able to take them online/ nearby this fall? Then you can send the transcript showing you are taking them.

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