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Reviews of MPP at U of T


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Hello everyone,


I, like many of you, will be applying to some public policy programs this upcoming application cycle. One program that interests me is the Master of Public Policy at the University of Toronto, and as such, I was hoping that some of you kind folks who have experience with the program may share those experiences and knowledge here on this thread.


So, for those who are U of T alumni or currently enrolled in the MPP, what are your general thoughts? How did most of you come up with the financial resources to pay for it? My understanding is that tuition is about $15,000 per year. Is the program worth that amount against other less-expensive policy-oriented programs in Ontario, such as Queen's MPA or Waterloo's MPS? How successful were you (or do you think you'll be) finding employment upon graduation? How well versed should you be in quantitative, math-based skills? This last question I'm particularly curious about, since having studied primarily in the humanities, most of my previous courses and research did not require a great deal of statistical work, and I'm admittedly rusty in that area.


Those seem like enough questions to hopefully spur some good discussion. Thank you in advance to all those who share their thoughts and opinions!

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