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Spring 2015

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I don't think so, but it seems that there are less competitive schools. I started with ASHA's EdFind tool and just looked at the stats of the schools I was interested in. Most of them were pretty competitive so then I searched by states I didn't have much desire to go to, and unfortunately, that's where I found the less competitive schools.


EdFind will tell you avg GPA/GRE scores that are accepted, how many apply, how many are accepted, etc. Sometimes the stats you find on EdFind aren't accurate, but you can go to individual schools' websites and/or contact individual schools to get that information. Less competitive schools tend to be in less desirable places to live (eg U of Central Arkansas, Eastern New Mexico U, U of North Dakota, U of Louisiana Monroe, etc.). Also newer programs are less competitive (Grand Valley State, Wisconsin Eau Claire Online, Salus--make sure to check out accredidation of the newer programs though). Good luck!



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Yeah I'd say that there aren't really any less competitive "cycles". Most spots for Spring (and maybe summer) are only available because of students dropping out, unless the school states it's an entire new cohort of like 20 people. If it's not a new cohort, then chances are there are few spots open, which might make it even more competitive depending on how many apply in the spring. 

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Spring seems to have less people applying, maybe because most people apply for fall semester.  But a lot of schools also seem to have less space for spring semester than for fall semester. 

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