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TUDelft is messing with me?!


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2 months ago I have received the e-mail and the official letter regarding a conditional admission. (Condition is for me to graduate and send my final transcript and diploma to TUDelft) Okay. So I was really happy with the result. 1 month later than that I have sent the annual fee and the confirmation statement. In the confirmation statement I have told them to arrange accomodation for me. They replied 3 weeks later(this monday) and said that they will notify me in 10 days about the accomodation. (BTW, they say that the accomodation possibility is very limited in TUDelft)

Last night(Friday), at 18 PM which is the closing time of TUDelft, I have received this e-mail;


Dear Student,

The international office of TU Delft has received your guarantee payment. Unfortunately we must inform you that all available accommodation for your study programme has been allocated. We have added your name to the accommodation waiting list; should a place become available, we will then inform you immediately. If we are not able to offer you a place by July 15, we will refund your guarantee as we cannot apply for visa for students who are on the waiting list.

If you prefer to be removed from the waiting list and withdraw your application, please reply by return mail and make a request for refund of your guarantee.


International Office

TU Delft


What does this mean? There were no mentionings of being waitlisted in any document they have sent me! And I have rejected EPFL and ETH Z

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I recommend that you share with them your situation, and that the last email you received from them has you confused. Be honest! But approach delicately--try not to let your frustration and anger show.

Best of luck!

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As djd suggested I hope you have already emailed them back asking for clarification and stating the fact that you have already been offered admission, perhaps also mentioning somone with whom you have had contact within the department as a reference.

However do not wait for a reply, as soon as the work day on Monday begins, "call" up the department (not the admissions office), explain the situation to them and express your concerns, be polite certainly but be sure to convey to them the gravity of your situation. All this could possibly be an administrative lapse but it is best not to take any chances. So do not tarry!

Hope everything works out, best of luck to you!

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I read that as you have been waitlisted for housing (NOT admission), and anyone on the housing waitlist cannot be pushed through VISA processing. You're talking about apples and oranges here.

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I was wondering if I was the only one who read this as "waitlisted for housing" becauses that's what it looks like to me.

Definitely contact them for clarification, though. I suspect all it means is that you may be on your own for finding someplace to live.

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Even I got the same mail yesterday, stating that my accommodation is not guaranteed. I made my guarantee amount transfer on 11-May-09.

Which stream do you belong to ?


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I have just received the conditional admission letter from Delft and will start all the acommodation process. What happened to you, did everything worked out?

How did you pay the guarantee payment?

They are asking me for 20 000 EUR by July 1st!! And i will get answer from my scholarship by 1st of August. Is there a financial plan they can offer?

What do you recommend, I do not have all the money.


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