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Advice needed for my Master School application strategy! I'll buy the best answer a coffee:)


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Hello everyone, I'm thinking about applying to Big Data/MSIS/Informatics/CS Master programs next year and some advice from you guys would really help me evaluate my strategy more clearly. 


Here's my background. 


- Overall GPA 3.52 @ University of Washington Foster School of Business majoring in Information Systems with a minor in Finance


- Major GPA 3.85 in Information Systems 


- Have 6 month internship experiences in Amazon as a Financial Analyst and at Deloitte as a risk management consultant. Also hold several other leadership titles on resume, such as president of Student organizations..etc.


- working at a mid-size global IT consulting firm as a functional consultant now (will have 1 year of full-time work experiences before fall 2015 (Which is when I intended to start the master school) 


- Took CS classes at UW in Java, Python, C#. (However, because I was just taking those classes to learn.. didnt do too well in the CS classes. Only have GPA of 3.2 in the CS classes I've taken)


My questions are:


How well should I do on GRE in order to get into Carnegie Melon's MSIS or other equivalently good school such as Berkeley's I school, UT Austin, or NYU?


What are my chances of getting into these school? Should I apply for safety school? If yes, what are the schools I should apply to? What are some other good schools you guys recommend? Any other advices? 


My goal is to work in Silicon Valley eventually as a product manager. I am an international school who has been studying in the U.S. for 10 years. So getting into Master Program would really help me get the full-time offer I want. 


Thank you. I would like to buy the person with the best person a cup of coffee through e gift cards :)



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