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Masters-level courses for a career in Biotech/Biopharmaceuticals?


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I'm a first year grad students in a Masters Program in Biotech. I'm hoping to get a handle on the courses I should take to boast my candidacy to employers in the Biotech/Biopharmaceutical Industry. This Fall I'm taking three courses: a 'Core' Class (required), a Molecular Bio Lab course, (as well as Mol Bio Lab II in Spring 2015 and and Mol Bio Lab III in Fall 2015), and a third class. Below I've listed the courses I'm considering. Among these courses, which would be most suitable for a student who hopes to work in the BioPharmaceutical Field, especially in the development of Biologics and/or Gene-Therapy or Stem-Cell Therapy?


Molecular Mechanisms in Biology (currently registered)
Topics include:
Principles of protein structure and folding
Enzyme structure and mechanism
Structure-based drug design
Molecular machines
Membrane proteins
Protein-nucleic acid recognition
RNA structure, ribozymes and riboswitches
Ligand-receptor recognition
Protein-protein interactions in signal transduction
Protein-protein interactions in immune recognition
Introduction to x-ray crystallography and electron microcopy



Topics include:
Innate and Adaptive Immunity
Viral Evasion of host responses to infections, 
List of viruses to be covered include: Picornaviruses, Rotavirus, Norovirus, Arboviruses, Paramyxoviruses, Influenza, Rabies, Coronavirus, Human retroviruses & HIV, Adenovirus, Papillomaviruses, Alpha, Beta & Gamma Herpes viruses, and Viral hepatitis.
Molecular & Genetic Toxicology
Topics include:
DNA Damage & Mutagenesis
Cytotoxicity and Mutagenesis Assays
Transgenic Mutation Systems 
Epigenetic Toxicology                                          
Chemical & Physical Analysis DNA Adducts
DNA Repair & Repair Deficient Diseases
Germ Cell Mutagenesis        
Cytogenetic Endpoints &                      
Genome Instability Indicators                               
Co-mutagenesis  & Antimutagenesis                   
DNA Repair & Carcinogenesis- A Synthesis


Biotechnology & Healthcare

Topics include: 

Human development: growth and differentiation

Stem cells and tissue maintenance
Biology of regeneration
Regenerative therapy
Cloning technology
Reproductive and therapeutic cloning
Emerging regeneration technologies
Human Genome
Epigenetic mechanisms of gene regulations
Genetics and epigenetics in health and disease
Biology of aging
Biology of cancer
Why is Biotech a strategic technology? Conclusions
I realize that the Molecular Mechanisms course and the Virology course will cover highly in-depth material, the Toxicology course is largely built upon methodological approaches to assays, and the Biotech & Healthcare course is a 'broad sweep' of new technologies and approaches to diagnosis and treatment of human disease. Beyond this, however, I am confused :unsure: about which of these courses would be most ideal for my career goals mentioned above. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. 
Thanks for reading all this!!   :)
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