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Need some help in constructing a GRE study plan?


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Hi, everyone.


My target test date is November 15, 2014. I'm applying to some PhD programs in anthropology for Fall 2015. I was taking a year off, but I figured it would be best to study for the GRE and hone in on my applications. 


I am currently taking a Manhattan Prep online course. They sent me all the textbooks. It was not cheap, but I'm grateful that my grandmother loaned me some money for it. 


I also have Magoosh and the ETS Official Guide. 


I have roughly three more months to study. My Manhattan Prep course ends on September 12, but I have fallen behind on the syllabus. I've been in and out of the hospital for x-rays. 


There is so much material sitting on my desk and I'm not sure how I can finish it all. What did you use to study for the GRE? 

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Most prep classes/books also have an online tutorial that mimics the material in the book.  I reviewed that and did practice tests questions/sections as suggested in the course material.


I studied for about 6 weeks, maybe 15-20 hours a week.  I took one diagnostics test BEFORE i started studying to serve as a baseline, then 3 full length practice tests before my official test date.


Best of luck

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