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Hi bio applicants,


I have been working on drafting SOPs and should have some rough drafts in the next couple weeks. Is anyone out there interested in setting up an editing exchange system where we provide feedback on eachothers essays? I know a lot of people make "please edit this SOP" posts on here but instead of that, i was thinking it would be more helpful to get an email group going with a few people and over the next few months as we create and edit our SOPs, we can send them out to the group and edit eachothers. I was thinking that this would be less of a one time thing and more of an SOP support group where we help each other perfect our essays over the next few months. This would of course be helpful since we will each receive feedback on our own essays but I think that editing each others and seeing what doesnt work in eachothers essays and getting ideas from eachother could be just as helpful. Please comment here or PM me if you are interested in this. Chem and other science applicants are of course welcome as well! Thanks!

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This is a great idea. Count me in, once I get my new laptop with all my files available. That should be possible by next week.

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