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Statistics help Q- behavioral change over sample treatments

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Hello all! I thought I'd see if any graduate students in statistics could help me as I've not has much luck finding a solution to my problem elsewhere! 


My research examined if social behaviors in animals changed with the distribution of food treatment (clumped vs. dispersed food). My data is non-parametric. I have matrices of interaction rates between individuals.


I ran Mantel tests between the interaction matrices of the clumped treatment and the dispersed treatment. This told me if behaviors were correlated between the food treatments. But, I need to know if the behaviors changed with the food treatment.


Does anyone have a suggestion on a statistical test to run between matrices to see if behaviors changed with the distribution of food? My committee said there may be a test that would subtract the numbers from each cell in the matrix to determine if their was a change. Any help would be greatly appreciated!   :)

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