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Philosopher and his cloak


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  I am quite sure that a couple of years ago I came across an anecdote in some book or other, online,
about an ancient Greek philosopher and a young man. The story was that
the philosopher who was "a member of the gay community" at least when
his wife wasn't looking, lured or paid the young man to let him enjoy
him then when the deed was done and he got up to leave, he noticed
that the young man had taken his new and expensive cloak, leaving him
to return to the town in a cheap and inferior one.
 I have searched and searched for this again but completely failed to
track it down.

Can anyone help me?

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No idea about the story, but as someone who's done a bit of research on gender and sexuality, the concept of "the gay community" and needing to hide pederastic sex from one's wife strikes me as rather anachronistic for the Greeks. You may already be aware of this, of course, but to me it would at least narrow your search to 19th/20th century stuff. Unless that's just your own phrasing? 

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