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Rec Problem...Colleague?

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I recently resigned from a position on less than great terms with my boss but I want to account for that year of my life with a recommendation on my upcoming apps. Would it be OK to get a letter from a colleague with whom I worked very closely during my time at this job? Technically we held the same position, but she was the project lead on our team and can attest to my accomplishments during that time. I have backup recs I could get, but they're from a job for which I already have a recommendation from a different supervisor. Thoughts?


Additionally, another question: I've worked a few different jobs since college, but would it be OK to have two recommenders coming from the same position? Does anyone have any experience with that?

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What kind of graduate school program are you applying to? What kind of job did you have?


If you are applying to an academic/research based grad program, you would generally want as many LORs to come from academics as possible. If your last job was not academic in nature, you could even skip getting the LOR from that place and just find profs that still remember you from undergrad. However, if it has been quite awhile since you were in undergrad, then I think most grad programs will understand that students who worked after undergrad might be submitting work related LORs. That said, if undergrad was not that far away, I would suggest that you start looking there first for LORs!

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