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Acceptance into Masters International with 3.01 GPA and ~72% GRE?


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Hey all, I know that similar thread have been posted a lot on here, but I was still hoping for a little more insight if anyone has any. I know acceptance depends on lots of things.
           I graduated from Indiana University with a B.A in Bio in 2014, with a 3.01 GPA. I switched from the B.S to the B.A my last sem because I would have to stay an extra semester and lower my GPA a lot if I stuck with the BS. I'll be applying to Masters International programs in mainly conservation bio and natural resource managment, which I absolutely love! I am very passionate about conservation and restoration ecology. An MI is a masters program coupled with completing your thesis abroad during the Peace Corps, which I definitely want to do. I I got on the Dean's Last my last sem here, but that was the only time. The last two years though my grades-especially in my Bio, Ecology, and Field courses, significantly improved. I have lots of research experience, working in 5 labs and projects throughout my undergrad career. I have experience in Restoration Ecology as well, and have a great working relationship with my references. I worked for two of my three references, and they are distinguished Professors at IU directly related to my field. The last one is an assistant prof directly related to my studies. 

I will also be the Ecological Restoration Intern at Golden Gates National Parks Conservancy for about 11 months!!  However, all the GRE practice tests I've taken have landed me in the 156-158 range for both V and Q, and I only have a week before I take it. That's about the 67-71 percentile, and I was hoping to only take it once.  I'll be applying to about 13 programs, but I'm getting increasingly worried that I won't be accepted. I hate standardized tests, and my scores are really getting me down. The prospect of working so hard and not getting in anywhere is hard for me to swallow. I'm just wondering what you guys think my chances are of getting into a grad program? I'm looking a lot at West Coast schools; Colorado State is my top choice for natural resource stewardship, Portland State, Oregon State, UC Davis (unlikely), Uni of Colorado, SUNY Syracuse, and a handful of others. A lot of the sites I checked didn't specify a GRE cutoff, but I know a 314 isn't competitive with my low GPA. Sorry this is so long, but any advice would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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