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I am studying aeronautical engineering in Imperial College London, and I am applying to US grad schools. There are a few questions:


1. I got first class in first 3 years, how do I report my GPA?  Do I need to ask WES or other organizations for conversions? I know that some schools allow us to leave a blank, but some schools didn't say anything at all... :o


2. My dream schools are MIT and stanford. I got V161, Q170 and AW4.0 on GRE, and I have a 2-month aero-related internship. However, I did not publish any paper, and I don't think I can publish one before the application deadline. How big is the chance of getting into the aero MS program in either of these two schools? :unsure:  :unsure:  :unsure:

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No one can tell you your chances at all with that little bit of info. Publications arent expected for MS (or even PhD) programs so you dont need to worry about that. Your GREs are good. From the little info you give, you seem like a good candidate but we would need to know more about course history, LORs, etc to tell you your chances and even then, we can really only guess. Your dream schools are nearly every engineer's dream schools so they will be highly competitive. You should certainly apply but all apply to some middle ranked schools.

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