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Is it worth to take GRE subject test for BioE program?


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Hi all, 


I'm planning to apply for BioE program this coming Fall, and most of the programs don't require to take subject test. However is it worth to take GRE subject test (in my case I'm planning to take chemistry) since my GPA is not very high. Would it worth my time and help my application? 

I had my BS in chemical Biology in Berkeley, and my GPA is not very high; Overall 3.23 and UC GPA is on the downside (I'm a transferred student.) I do have 3 years experience in a nano/material science lab. My GRE verbal 153, quant 163, planning to retake if I have time. 

I've been debated should I took it or not since it would take lots of time to prepare; would they be seriously considered in my application? I've been talked to lots people and get a wide range of answer, but considered my not so good GPA... 

Please let me know. Any advice is greatly appreciate!! Thanks!! 

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Well if you get a good score then I do think it could help offset the GPA. If you get a bad score (and send it) then it could hurt you. I think it just comes down to whether you think it is worth the studying and how well you think you can do. If you think you can score better than 65th percentile then I think it would probably be worth doing.

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I think you're right, whether I think it's worth the studying and definitely help me at some point if I got high score. It's very hard for me to decide cause I pumped into 2 program which directly stated that they can't incorporate my GRE subject test into application even if I submitted it, and it would not help my application at all. But it's only two schools, others just say they don't require it. 

I'm not sure if I should spend the time in other things instead of GRE subject test. 


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Do you feel absolutely set on getting into a program this cycle? I'm not doubting whether you can at all! But if you feel swamped with all the other application elements then you can always apply without it and then keep a backup plan of doing research for a year and taking the subject next next fall. Then if you find out this cycle that you do need the subject test to get in then you'd have a whole year to study a ton and score >80% even. The truth is that you might find that you can get into great programs without it and you would waste your time and create unnecessary stress by taking it this fall. If that's the case, this plan would eliminate that possibility. Just another option to consider!

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