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Anyone else having problems registering for the GRE General Test?


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I've been trying to register for the test for the past 24 hours, and I keep getting an error message after I select a date/time and hit "Next."  I've tried on three different browsers on two different computers, but I keep getting the same message.


I tried to register over the phone, yesterday, but the person I was speaking to couldn't get the registration to go through, either. I'm a little nervous because I am trying to sign up for Sept. 23rd, and I don't want it to fill up.


Anyone experiencing similar problems?

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I spent yesterday trying to sign up for Oct. 3rd in two different testing sites and was having issues. For some reason Oct. 7 was no problem, but I needed to take the test by the 4th and the 3rd was the latest date available.


I called them and was able to sign up that way no issue. Hopefully not a systemic problem.

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