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Applying to a new PhD program


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Hello all,


This is a somewhat general question: what are your thoughts on applying to a PhD program that is just starting? Do you think this could leave me at a disadvantage when it comes time to apply for postdocs/jobs? Or does the prestige of the school itself make up for this fact? There is a new program at the University of Washington that feels like a perfect fit for me but it is brand new and I'm not sure how to feel about this.



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What's the program? As long as the professors are pretty well established I don't think it would be a real problem. Universities are always shuffling around degrees and the details of the degree are far less important and the details of your research and how well you publish.

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Thanks for the input, Vene!

It's the Molecular Medicine & Mechanisms of Disease (M3D) program. It is supposed to be pretty interdisciplinary in nature, it is going to pull faculty from departments across the biomedical spectrum (Immunology, Genome Science, Pathology, etc.) so I'm guessing/hoping that means the professors will be well-established! The point is that it is supposed to be a translational research-focused PhD program. 

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