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GRE Scores Good Enough for Engineering?


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Hey All,


I'm new to the forum, so if I've misplaced this thread, please alert me so I can correctly categorize it.


I've taken the GRE, and I'm relatively new to the graduate school application process, so this may be a lot of dumb questions.


I'm at 161V 167Q (87%, 94% respectively, if I remember correctly.)  Is this enough to make an application worthwhile to such schools as MIT, UC Berkeley, Caltech, Cornell, UT Austin, etc?  My GPA is 3.75, and will move one or two hundredths one way or the other before I get out of undergrad.


What are my chances?  I'm looking for something in the Electrical Engineering field, although I haven't done a ton of research (no publications, special projects for a professor of my own design, co-op student.) I'd be applying for Fall 2015, obviously.


Thanks in advance, and sorry again if this is in the wrong place!

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