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Programs with a Literacy Focus?


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I am currently attempting to make a list of graduate programs to apply to this semester and I'm a bit lost.  I have an extremely high interest in pediatrics and, more specifically, in literacy development.  I am hoping to become a licensed reading specialist while in grad school as well.  I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of schools who offer such an opportunity.  I currently go to Ohio State but I'm pretty open minded to moving around the country.  



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I know MGH IHP, Vanderbilt, Univ. of South Carolina and I think Univ. of New Hampshire do. You can also look into programs with faculty that focus on it so that you can do independent studies related to literacy.  You'll also want to look for programs based in the school of Education (maybe even ones that end in a MEd and not MA of SLP. 

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MGH's program has a strong literacy focus. Many of the professor do work with literacy in schools and Dyslexia in particular. They also have an on campus clinic that focuses on speech, language, and literacy. Additionally they have many elective courses on the topic of literacy, the ability to do a concentration in reading disorders, and become licensed as a reading specialist.

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