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Suggest the School that I should apply for.. (MS in Statistics program)


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First of all , let me give a little background. I am a 22 yr old Masters student from India. I want to pursue a career in Statistics (any sub-branch). Currently I am in the 3rd Semester of my Masters program in India and I am doing it not from a very reputed University. My GPA is also in tatters mind you.


I am quite capable of reaching at the top, but its just that I've realized a few things very late and for now I do not have any thing to prove that I can make it to the top. So the applications to get into a Grad School are going to be tricky for me as I am already on my backfoot.


Which are the Universities (preferably State Universities) which have low competition and would accept a guy with the profile like me? My GRE score is 310.


And the second question was, that if I do get into such a University and do my degree program well (with good grades), will I be able to get a GOOD JOB ?


Please do help.




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A lot of MS programs in statistics in the U.S. are not competitive. Only a few are really competitive to get into (only Duke and Washington come to mind). I don't think the GPA issue is impossible to overcome, but in that case, you will need to have your letters of recommendation make a strong case that your GPA is not reflective of your ability. Also, is there any way you could do really well in your second year and THEN apply, or possibly retake some core statistics classes? Having a transcript that shows a second year of high grades and better grades on the second try may be enough to alleviate program concerns about you not being able to hack the coursework here.

I realize that would delay applications by a year but in your case, that might be necessary if you *really* want to embark on the statistics path.

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