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Stuck on LORs - nontraditional applicant


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Yep, another "I can't get LORs" post. I graduated in 2008 with a BS in mechanical engineering. Did ok in school (3.01/4.0), but nothing stellar (basically I'm at the cutoff for most programs). After I graduated, I worked a couple of jobs in IP (originally wanted to become a patent attorney). Hated the field and was laid off from my second job in it. I wanted to get out of IP anyway, but have had trouble finding a job in engineering again. I'm a bit too far out for entry-level jobs (the common requirement I see is that applicants must be within 12 months of the highest degree received) and my experience isn't quite transferable enough for experienced jobs. I'm doing independent contract work in an ancillary field (technical writing) at the moment, but would like to get back into a role closer to my undergrad degree. 


I mention all this as background context. I'm looking into masters programs as a way to reset the clock (for one thing, graduating from one would make me eligible for university hire requisitions again). 


Thing is, I'm stuck on the LORs. My school and degree program were both small enough that my professors have some recollection of me (and frankly, there weren't that many URM females in my discipline, so they can just place me as the one from 2008). That being said, I don't think the letters would be strong and would take some prodding. Unsure if there's anyone at work who could write one--my old supervisor might be an option, if his hands aren't tied by HR policy. I did take a post-bacc course at my local university in operations where I had a good rapport with the professor. Unfortunately, I ended up with a B for the semester.



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Honestly, you are looking at professional masters programs so even though its a different field, I think that you would be fine getting 1 or 2 of the letters from job supervisors. If you can come up with 1-2 letters from undergrad and 1-2 from work then I think youll be fine.

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Hmmm, unsure if I can get anyone from past jobs. I was decent at work, but not amazing (we all agreed it wasn't a great fit). Plus, seems like they'd be commenting more on my legal skills than my technical skills. But then my other option is to try and talk professors I had from 6 to 7 years ago into rec letters. And this is my dilemma. I thought the professors might be better since they could speak to my academic potential. 

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