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Will I fare well applying to Masters?

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I'm looking at UT Austin and around 5 other schools in the top 20, but I mostly was interested in how I would fare applying to UT Austin. I don't go to a high ranked CS school, think top 50, but I've got 3 solid letters. One from a professor I TA for, one for a very well known author, and one great letter from a person that knows faculty at UT. Unfortunately, I didn't do so well in my first few semesters, getting a B+ in my honors accelerated calc class, a B+ in diff eq and a B in honors discrete math. Most of that can be explained by the fact that I thought I'd be doing premed and I had no motivation for those courses at the time. However I've gotten A's in linear algebra, multivariable calc, and algorithms, and every other course I've taken for CS, including 4 courses at the graduate level. Those grades are the only real flaw in my application. I've done research for 1.5 years, although I haven't published anything. My gre scores were 160V, 170Q. I really would like to go to UT, however I'm afraid its out of my league. Is there even a shot of me getting in?

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