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LORs from undergrad vs. grad school


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Hello all,


I just started a one-year masters program and I've already decided to apply to another for the year after. 


The trouble I have is that most of the application deadlines for next year are before the end of my first semester here. I won't have any grades to report and my professors won't have much to say about me. I am TA-ing for a professor, but he's very aloof and unapproachable. In contrast, I'm on a first name basis with many of the professors from my undergrad institution and worked as a TA for several of them for three years.  


The institution where I'm studying now is also much more highly regarded than where I did my undergrad. 


Do you think it would be better to have very personal, positive letters from my undergrad professors or fairly generic ones from my current professors?


I'm leaning toward asking my undergrad professors, but I'm worried that it looks bad to apply to a second grad program using only recommendations from undergrad. I imagine this is a common problem for anyone who stays in school after a one-year masters though. I could briefly address it in my personal statement. 


Any input is appreciated.






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