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what are my chances? PhD Statistics


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I graduated from a top 20 liberal arts college with a double major in Engineering Science and Economics. I had a cumulative GPA of 3.62 and I did not take many Math courses since I had a lot with my double major already. 


Math courses and related (All A's and A-) 


Practice of Statistics 

Linear Algebra


Calculus II

Techniques of Modeling Engineering Process

Signals and Systems

Dynamic Systems and Control Theory (lots of linear algebra application)

Math Methods in the Physical Sciences (covers multivariate calc and high level math applications)  


I am interested in Machine Learning or Data mining/Data Science track so I am pretty good at coding (SAS, STATA, R, Python, MATLAB, MySQL, Access, Linux etc) ..  I do a lot of statistical research for energy efficiency programs 


I have done a lot of research in Engineering and I am co-author for two journal articles in Chemistry (molecular spectroscopy)


I have not taken my GRE yet but i am more confident about my Math score and not so much about my verbal.  I am not taking the GRE Math Subject. 


Schools I am applying to:

UC Berkeley 

Carnegie Mellon 

UNC Chapel Hill 

NC State

University of Washington 

University of Texas @ Austin 


University of Arizona 


Which schools do I stand a chance? 

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edited for privacy at OP's request. --fuzzy
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