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Best Software Engineering MSc in Europe (ETH vs Imperial)


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I am an applicant in MSc in Software Engineering in ETH and in Imperial College London. I believe that those 2 universities are the ideal universities for Software Engineering in Europe (alongside with EPFL). I have 2 years work experience and I am aspiring to make an MSc in Software Engineering to broaden and deepen my knowledge and elevate to a more qualified job (dream to work as Software Engineer in the big-name companies). However, since I am thinking of continuing abroad to work, I believe that London is a better choice for me for various reasons.

I would like to make 2 questions :

1. First of all, which of the 2 universities is better in aspect of employee reputation and in quality of lessons and knowledge that I will acquire ?

2. Taking into consideration that I have almost "planned" to continue in London afterward, in case I have a good offer from ETH (partial stipend - remember ETH has almost no tuition), will this be a good choice in matter of networking for the future job, or I should choose Imperial in order to find more easily a job after my graduation ?

Thanks a lot for every help!!!

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